Month: January 2017

Day 1 – St Bart’s to Colombia

St Bart’s to Colombia 780 nautical miles – Day 1   The first day of our passage was busy and exiting, as expected. We started the preparations at 5am, testing the iridium sat phone, cooking the first day’s meal potatoes with mustard, lemon  and rosemary, deflating the zodiac and putting it in the storage. Most importantly,  we reassembled  the parts of the Hydrovane and today, we’ll try it for the first time. The Hydrovane – “the car” as Yorgos calls it because of it’s price, is our new auto pilot powered by the wind, alternative to our Raytheon mechanic ...

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Preparing to Sail from Saint Barth to Colombia 780NM (english)

17°53 N 62°51W Gustavia, Saint Barth Monday, January 30th, 2017 05.00am The calm weather did not last for long, the breeze grew stronger and the swell was so big that I woke before dawn. Still I’m thankful. Last week’s dead calm, a very unusual phenomena for this season, helped us make our preparations in Saint Martin. The beautiful  island, famous for it’s sailing race Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta, is divided in two: the French side (Saint Martin) to the west -northwest and the Dutch side (Sint Maarten) to the east-southeast.   Most of our supplies were brought from the Dutch side of the island, 2.5 miles away from the French Marigot bay, where we are anchored, and we crossed the lagoon with our small, only 2.4 m. (8 ft) inflatable, often loaded to the limit. We were lucky as, when strong wind is blowing, as it did last Christmas, the waves soaked us to the bone in each passage. So now, after three months of preparation, we are almost ready, if one could say that for a boat. I say almost because we’ve arranged for Filizi to haul out in the shipyard of Shelter Bay, at the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal. There will clean the hull, paint it with fresh antifouling and for safety reasons will change the old boat valves. We bought the new valves last...

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Saint Barth’s stories (English)

First time in Saint Barth The first time we came to St Barth (St Bart’s – Saint Barthelemy) with Filizi, was on  February 20, 2015  and the visit was not on our schedule. We were sailing from Antigua towards the British Virgin Islands,  a distance of approximately 165NM and as the island is somewhat halfway, at 72NM, we decided to make a stop over. Because of its reputation as a resort for the jet-set, I imagined it would be too expensive for us to stay more than two – three days. As soon as we set foot on the...

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