Month: February 2017

Sailing from Colombia to Guna Yala (San Blas), Panama (ENG)

February 14, 2017 Marina of Santa Marta, Colombia 06.00 As I wake up from a deep sleep, I lie in bed listening to the sound of silence: at last, the fierce wind of the past seven days has died out , the endless whistle of the breeze on the rigs has seased. The east-northeast strong and persistent wind that prevails during the Colombian dry season is called “ El Loco” by the local people, “the crazy one” , a logical nickname. Today we are setting sail for Panama, and our first landfall will be in San Blas, an Archipelago...

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Guna Yala, Maocoui-Caimou, Panama: El Paraiso! ( ENGLISH)

My dearest sister, I wasn’t prepared to  encounter so much beauty!  From the first moment since we anchored here I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed  by the perfection, the harmony, the peace of these islands, a harmony that I can feel touching deep in my soul. Now, I can finally understand what that Austrian couple, we had met back in May 2015 at the Grenada Marine boatyard, were talking about. They said that when they arrived here in San Blas islands, they just couldn’t leave the place and so they stayed for four years. San Blas is the western name...

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Day 6 – St Bart’s to Colombia, Arrival (ENG)

Day 6 Saturday February 4 9:00 We didn’t expect this kind of weather . The forecast was for wind forse sex but the wind is forse four 15-18 kts of wind, which is uncomfortable when sailing downwind. Approximately 70 nautical miles remain to our destination and sailing with 5kts means that we will arrive after sundown and reaching an unknown port in the darkness is hard. Yorgos turns on the engine to charge Filizi’s batteries and this time he decides to use the propeller to increase our speed. The day is sunny and the sky clear but strangely, the colour...

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Day 5- St Bart’s to Colombia (ENG)

Saturday Feb. 4, 09.00 – Sunday Feb. 5 09:00 The wind has dropped to 17-18 kts and Yorgos suggests to hoist the main again. Since we put it down last night when the moon set, we’ve gained the 5 miles we had missed. 10:00 The main is on second reef ( theoretically as both our sails are on roller reefing) and our speed gained one mile. Half an hour later we reef down the main as there’s not enough wind to keep the sail Our genoa sails us nicely but slow the wind is dropping more and more. The sun...

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