Month: April 2017

Ocean Winds – A song inspired by the sea and the wind (Eng)

It was back in April 2011. We were anchored with Filizi at the Old Port (Paleo Limani) in  Spetses island, in Greece. I’ll never forget that day. We were sitting in the cockpit, facing the charming  houses of the old village, talking about this and that and our conversation lead to crossing the Atlantic Ocean with Filizi. Later we went for a long walk by the sea and I kept thinking about our dream  ocean voyage. The wind was blowing and I was feeling intimidated, but inspired, scared and fascinated at the same time. Crossing the ocean was for me a Beginning, a cleansing new start. And so that day  Ocean Winds was written, a recording sang “a cappella”.  I didn’t have a guitar and I didn’t know how to play the guitar. I still don’t. But I try… Yesterday, like every Saturday an “Open Mike” was organised here in  Shelter bay Marina. I sang Ocean Winds even though  I haven’t practiced for too long. I felt I ought to share the song before setting sails for the Pacific Ocean. It was chapter 45 and now it’s chapter one We can’t change but can take different courses in our lives Sleepless nights riding the waves, the hurricanes, the swell In the endless ocean vastness, minuscule we’ll feel against the Ocean winds, wild and fierce Endless miles, seems unwise Will...

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Moments in Shelter bay marina, Panama (English)

9.3697° N, 79.9511° W April 8, 2017  Shelter bay Marina, Caribbean sea, Panama 07.30 -“Karina come, now. We are late, we may not find a seats in the bus”, says Yorgos with an irritated tone, as he climbs down the aluminun ladder, tied on Filizi’s transom -“OK, OK I’m coming!” I say out loud, as I lock the hatch. Filzi is been on the hard here at Shelter bay, four days already but we have been very busy to go to Colon. I put on my sandals and climb down carefully. Yesterday I tripped and almost fell. It was...

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