Month: May 2017

Sailing from Panama to Galapagos Day 4-5: A birthday to remember

Monday, May 22, 2017 – My birthday 12.30    4°28N 81°29W  With the sprayhood up  we proceed towards  the dark cloud. We turn the radar on, to monitor how the squall clowd  moves. and it seems to move  south. We turn 10° east and move away from it. A light drizzle starts falling. The squall just missed us. Yorgos takes the weather report with the sat phone. -The wind will die out tonight. Tomorrow we’ll have  a strong S-SE,  15- 20 knots he says when he’s d’one. Let’s hope so 13.30 We are motoring on low -1.00 – revs...

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Sailing from Panama to Galapagos – Day 3 (english)

Day 3 Sunday, May 21, 2017 12.00   5°22 N 80°42W  The wind shifts its direction constantly, now it’s W-SW force 4.  We turn the engine off and keep the course at 220°, with a speed of 4,5 knots. The sky is overcast and we haven’t seen a glimpse of the sun for the last 24 hours.  There’s no rain nor drizzle now,  so I take the laptop and sit at the cockpit to write the log –  with the invaluable assistance of captain Yorgos, as always. When I’m finished, I turn  on the satelite IridiumGo and send the log...

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Sailing from Panama to Galapagos DAY1-2 (english)

Sailing from Panama to Galapagos 900 NM 08° 24N 79° 04W Friday May 19, 2017 – DAY 1 12.15 The day we were talking about for years has come: today we are sailing  from Panama to the Galapagos Islands. The distance is about 900 nautical miles and we expect to arrive after 8-9 days.  First we’ll set course  to the small island Malpelo, about 60NM away)   and after head to our destination, the island of San Cristobal in Galapagos Archipelago. Now, we are at the east anchorage of Pedro Gonzales island, at the Las Perlas islands, Panama. Anchored fifty...

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Sailing from Panama to Galapagos – 1st stop Las Perlas (english)

Panama city Tuesday May 16, 2017 17.00 After five days of feverish preparations, we untie Filizi from the Balboa yacht club buy (a very rolly spot indeed but the magnificent view of the  ships coming to and fro the Panama canal and the Bridge of the Americas was worth it). We head to the Las Brisas anchorage,  east of the Causeway. The minute we pass La Playita marina and enter the bay the sea becomes calm, like we are in another world. Motoring slowly we are trying to locate where the boat of our Brazilian friend Marco, is anchored....

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Our transit of the Panama Canal (english)

Monday May 8, 2017 – One day before the scheduled Panama Canal Transit 9°22.07 N   79°57.06W   Shelter Bay Marina, Panama, slot D19 04.30 I open my eyes and look at the time. I should get up  to check my mac: I’m transfering the photos to an external disk as a backup and for memory space. The transfer isn’t finished yet, 24 hours and it’s not finished yet. I sigh: I must be doing something very wrong, my external disk is not apple format and my mac (a present from a dear friend) is already 6 years old. I go back to...

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