Sailing with Filizi around the world

A dream of our youth came true, a fresh breeze brightened our lives, when we started our voyages with Filizi in 2006.

Year after year, life at sea became our love, our call and ideal. In 2011, we left the the comfort zone of city life and made Filizi our home.

Free at last, with wind and time on our side, we travelled year round in the Greek seas, in Malta and Sicily until 2014, which made us confident and ready to fulfill the ultimate dream of every sailor: to cross the Ocean.

We departed from Athens, sailed the Mediterranean islands and through Gibraltar, the Canary islands and Cape Verde we crossed the Atlantic making landfall in Saint Lucia, West Indies.

In 2017, after two years and many miles around the Caribbean Islands, we passed to Colombia, then to Panama and via the Canal we crossed to the Pacific Ocean, where we are untill today.

We are sailing with Filizi around the world, in the vast horizon of the Oceans, visiting distant, exotic places, making friends with different peoples, bringing along a small taste of Greece wherever we go.

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“…but the most important is the places and people we meet…”




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