Month: March 2017

Isla Tigre, Guna Yala, Panama (ENG)

9 ° 26.561N Nargana Guna Yala 78 ° 35.175 W 25 February, 2017 – “It was a crazy adventure coming from Panama City to Filizi in Guna Yala! But I was so tired, that the adrenaline helped me. The nature on the mountains of Panama was wonderful. When the jeep’s engine broke down in the jungle, it was still early and I was not disappointed. But when we got the flat tire at the border, I thought I wouldn’t make it to Filizi today. In the end it all went and I even got a good seat in the...

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Coco Bandero, Nargana and Vasso’s arrival (ENG)

February 24,2017 09°30.770 N 78°37.093W From Coco Bandero cays to Nargana island Vasso’s arrival Map  —- green =reefs , yellow = land —- 13.00 Nargana island, where we are headed, is very close to the Guna Yala mainland and as we read the sea over there is muddy, from the river water flows. So, we decided to stop on the way at the Coco Bandero Cays to swim and have lunch. Yorgos opens the Bauhaus Panama Guide and finds the chart and the aerial photo or the four islands. The book is very helpful for the safe approach to...

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From Guna Yala to Portobello and back (English)

09° 35.50N 78°52.50 W Guna Yala (San Blas Archipelago, Panama) Chichime Cays February 24, 2017 5.30 A new day is breaking, the horizon towards the east is like a symphony of changing colors purple, pink, orange. The birds of Uchutupu Pipigua and Uchtupu Dummat, the two tiny Chichime cays, where we are anchored with Filizi, are singing a melodic welcome to God Sun. The sun rises behind the palm trees of Dummat, the clear, cloudless sky turns deep blue, deep blue and gold. One more perfect day is dawning in Guna Yala, with a glorious sunshine, no rain and...

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